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Christmas Isn’t All About Shopping

MANY are living on the wrong orientation of what Christmas is all about. It isn’t all about shopping for something new like shoes, bags and presents. It is actually the day of the year when families (and even extended families at that) get the rare chance to bond.

Quality time with the kids and other family members matters most in this time of the year, although we can’t just kick the shopping tradition, practice of gift giving (or at least sending greeting cards) and the traditional festive dining table.

For moms, who are generally considered as responsible and the principal architect of most (if not all) holidays and gathering, there are actually some tips you may want to know as to maintain precious bonding moments at the height of your tedious preparations in time for the holiday.

Family Cooking Session

There are menus on our cook books that require members of the participation of family members, especially your kids. Baking cake is one. Or better yet, ask your kids to do the baking themselves using the ready-to-bake dough or cookies. These ready to bake food stuffs are conveniently available in groceries nearest where you and your family is.

Baking cakes for kids would truly amuse or fascinate them, especially using colorful icing and toppings. Start off a kids baking party.

Watch Classic Christmas Movies

Convening your family in front of the television and DVD player to watch a classic movie tackling Christmas is another good idea. In fact, it has always been effective even if it’s not Christmas season.

For the Christmas season, watching the Home Alone (1, 2 and 3) movie series would be a hit especially for kids, but for families who have already seen these films about a young lad who got lost three times in the nick of Christmas, there would always be other classics equally entertaining. Polar Express is one. Other recommended Christmas classics are Little Women, Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Charlie Brown Christmas, among others.

While watching a holiday classic film, popcorn would be a smart food stuff to keep them busy. Don’t forget sodas too.

Donning for Photo-Ops

Assembling family members for a family photo shoot is also a clever gimmick, especially for kids, who are known to have the passion of trying on their new get-ups. It also allows them to have their own photo-ops, copies of which they could post on their social networking sites in the internet.

Night of Games and Quizzes

Moms can also try playing host to a quiz game show of sort. The game should however be related to Christmas, yuletide traditions, people, event and trivia. That way moms don’t only get to entertain her kids, she also gets to add some knowledge to them.

Allocating prizes (like candies, cookies, chocolates, cakes among others) sounds good too. However, moms should be cautious about her kids who won’t be able to get the right answer. Consolation prize is fine.

Be a role model. Moms (and in fact, all of us) should never strike out from our mind what Christmas is all about. It is the season for sharing. Sharing something to the poor doesn’t have to be expensive. What matters is the thought of it.

What Every High-Risk Driver in the World Needs to Know About Shopping

It’s really, really easy to earn the title of high-risk driver, especially when you consider the way today’s insurance companies look to safe drivers to help them save. It’s hard to run a business that promises to pay the bills no one else can afford to pay and still make a profit, and they’re not very forgiving of drivers who find themselves on the wrong side of that equation.

That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to pay the piper when you write a check each month, however. Here’s what you need to know (and a couple of things you don’t, but we’re going to tell you anyway) about shopping for free car insurance quotes online.

First and foremost, “free car insurance quotes” doesn’t mean you’re going to find free insurance. It does mean you’re not going to pay a dime to find out how many dimes your insurer is going to charge you for your coverage, however! It also means that since you’re shopping online, you’re not going to spend hours of your time looking either.

The most important thing high-risk drivers need to know about shopping for free car insurance quotes online is that no two companies are the same. It’s easy to assume that all companies’ rates are similar; however, nothing could possibly be farther from the truth! Each company has its own set of procedures and policies when it comes to drivers and the things that put them on the “high-risk” list to begin with, including:

a) Accidents

b) Speeding tickets

c) License suspensions

d) Driving under the influence (DUI/DWI)

When you’re a high-risk driver shopping for an insurance policy that isn’t going to leave you living on bread crusts and JELL-O at the end of the month it’s important to know which companies are going to be on your side and which are going to crucify you for your mistakes behind the wheel. Many companies have an accident forgiveness policy with regard to your first accident. You have to admit, 2 accidents on your record looks much, much better than 3! They may also be willing to “forget” a speeding ticket, especially if it’s your first.

When you’re fighting against a “high-risk” label to bring your insurance rates back down, every little bit helps!

The other perk to shopping for free car insurance quotes online is the sheer quantities of quotes you’re going to be able to get! When you compare insurance quotes from 50 companies instead of 5 you have a much better chance of finding one that suits your budget. Sign on the dotted line, and keep cleaning up your record.

Should Know About Shopping Online

Most of us turn to the Internet to research products that we are interested in buying. Some of us actually make purchase decisions based on what we find online. Yet many of us take this knowledge from the Internet and drive to the nearest retailer and pay 10-20% more than we would have paid online. Some of the reasons we do this are obvious. We need the product right away. We don’t want to pay shipping costs. We don’t understand the dimensions that are given for a particular product. We are concerned about the colors we see on our screen matching the actual product we get. We need to touch and feel the product before we buy. We like the interaction that a trip to the store gives us, and lastly we just don’t trust the Internet.

The following is a list of 5 things you should know about shopping on the Internet that should allow you to fully utilize this resource.

1. Most Internet retailers use a nationwide distributor for their products. This means that even though the company is based in a specific area they probably have a warehouse in your area. This allows for items to ship to you sometimes the very next day. So if you need it quick chances are the Internet can still provide.

2. Most Internet retailers have free shipping over a certain order value. With that in mind, if you have enough things you need at once, or can wait till you do, you probably qualify for free shipping.

3. Some Internet retailers can provide a sample of a product if color or size is an issue for you. Keep in mind that this would not be the case for a large ticket items, but for something small that you would need a quantity of, this could very well apply.

4. Most Internet retailers have a toll free number to call for order placement and to answer any product related questions. I have called quite a few Internet based companies and I find that they are hiring intelligent, friendly, and eager sales and service associates. My interactions with these companies have been very pleasant and sometimes quite enjoyable.

5. The Internet is safer with your credit card than just about any other place you use it. I have heard often from people who will not shop on the Internet that they just can’t get over the hurdle of entering their credit card online. They feel like they are typing their number into a public forum, and are concerned that their information will be stolen. As long as the sites URL credit card form page start with https:// this means that this sites page is secure. When you see a URL that begins with http:// where you enter your credit card information you may want to reconsider.

I suggest giving some considerations to the positives of ordering online before you decide that it’s not for you. The major advantage of buying online remains price. A lot of online sales are tax free. Most orders qualify for free shipping. The time savings that you realize from not leaving your office or home is hard to put a price tag on, but is probably the greatest benefit of all.

Know About Shopping in Bay Area Houston

There is an abundance of fun activities to enjoy in the bay area of Texas. Tourists and day travelers come daily to enjoy all that the area has to offer in the way of camping, watersports, fine dining, daytime activities, and even shopping. But where should you look if you want to find unique gift ideas? There are no shortages of locations and places to go where you can find many or all of these activities. Here are five things the locals know about shopping in bay area Houston.

1. Space Center

The Houston Space Center is a wonderful place to bring your science minded friends/family and children alike. Not only does it provide a respite from a typical hot and humid Texas day, but it is full of attractions and events that are often perfect for first time and regular visitors. Located centrally and close to all other attractions, the space center is sure to be a hit, not only among those who love space and space exploration. Stop by the gift shop on your way out to find unique souvenirs as gifts or mementos.

2. Clear Lake Park

This park has almost 60-acres with access to playgrounds, picnic spots, sports fields, fishing and boating piers, and jogging boardwalks. A perfect place to go for a jog or simply to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the day. Near the fishing and boating piers you can find some interesting mom and pop shops catering to the locals and providing tourists with excellent shopping for gifts and special trinkets to remember the moment.

3. Seabrook Trails

Take a break from shopping to for a long bike ride or hike. Seabrook trails is home to many different levels of trails and is perfect year round during any seasons. There is a huge variety of wildlife to see and many lookout spots to sight see and relax. Stop into the main office and shop for unique gifts to memorialize the day.

4. Kemah Boardwalk

Open daily, this boardwalk is full of people enjoying a romantic stroll or taking their children on one of the many amusement rides available. There are the boardwalk beast boat tours, stingray reef, and many other events to take part in. Go shopping at some of the few local shops and enjoy dinner and drinks at one of the many water front restaurants available or catch a band for a night of dancing.

5. Restaurants

If you are shopping for gifts, don’t forget to shop at some of the many popular tourist restaurants available. Remember your vacation with glasses, coasters, or other merchandise you can purchase at many of the great water front restaurants in the area. Enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner and get your shopping done- all at once!