E-Commerce is Not Just About Shopping

Since the start of the e-commerce era, developing a perfect design for the shopping carts has been a nightmare though the problems have come to a minimal level today. The design of the payment gateway created a worsening impact on online customers. This was a huge mutual loss. The company could not convert the visitors as customers. On the other hand, the visitors did not find a positive reason to revisit online store.

Firstly, make sure the shopping cart is made to work as per the business. All shopping carts are not the same. For a prospective buyer, there is lot more to a shopping cart than mere checking-in and checking out. When the online store is huge and offers a lot of choice to the customers, the checkout option should have a lot more functions that allow the visitor to add or delete another item from the shopping cart. A reasonable period of session management has to be maintained to ensure that the customer does not have to sign in repeatedly every few minutes.

One of the most important features of an ideal e-commerce website is security. A large number of customers visit the website and numerous amount of transactions are made. Customers enter details such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers and passwords while purchasing. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate should be made compulsory. It is a certificate that ensures security to all online customers. SSL has to be considered as the part of the web hosting phase.