Should Know About Shopping Online

Most of us turn to the Internet to research products that we are interested in buying. Some of us actually make purchase decisions based on what we find online. Yet many of us take this knowledge from the Internet and drive to the nearest retailer and pay 10-20% more than we would have paid online. Some of the reasons we do this are obvious. We need the product right away. We don’t want to pay shipping costs. We don’t understand the dimensions that are given for a particular product. We are concerned about the colors we see on our screen matching the actual product we get. We need to touch and feel the product before we buy. We like the interaction that a trip to the store gives us, and lastly we just don’t trust the Internet.

The following is a list of 5 things you should know about shopping on the Internet that should allow you to fully utilize this resource.

1. Most Internet retailers use a nationwide distributor for their products. This means that even though the company is based in a specific area they probably have a warehouse in your area. This allows for items to ship to you sometimes the very next day. So if you need it quick chances are the Internet can still provide.

2. Most Internet retailers have free shipping over a certain order value. With that in mind, if you have enough things you need at once, or can wait till you do, you probably qualify for free shipping.

3. Some Internet retailers can provide a sample of a product if color or size is an issue for you. Keep in mind that this would not be the case for a large ticket items, but for something small that you would need a quantity of, this could very well apply.

4. Most Internet retailers have a toll free number to call for order placement and to answer any product related questions. I have called quite a few Internet based companies and I find that they are hiring intelligent, friendly, and eager sales and service associates. My interactions with these companies have been very pleasant and sometimes quite enjoyable.

5. The Internet is safer with your credit card than just about any other place you use it. I have heard often from people who will not shop on the Internet that they just can’t get over the hurdle of entering their credit card online. They feel like they are typing their number into a public forum, and are concerned that their information will be stolen. As long as the sites URL credit card form page start with https:// this means that this sites page is secure. When you see a URL that begins with http:// where you enter your credit card information you may want to reconsider.

I suggest giving some considerations to the positives of ordering online before you decide that it’s not for you. The major advantage of buying online remains price. A lot of online sales are tax free. Most orders qualify for free shipping. The time savings that you realize from not leaving your office or home is hard to put a price tag on, but is probably the greatest benefit of all.