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Ways to Produce Custom-Made Printed T-Shirts


Printed t-shirts are popular, because these tops can be associated with jeans, skirts, or any kinds of apparel. Messages and fashions on these shirts may also attract attention and serve as a unique mode of expression. As such, people began using different ways to make these shirts large quantities. Find out more about custom-made t shirt printing as well as the various ways used in their production.


This is amongst the oldest varieties of shirt printing techniques. Embroidery involves the actual stitching of designs onto the shirt with a needle and thread. This method is designed for producing small quantities. Those applying this technique must possess great artistic inclination to make sure high-quality designs. Embroidery is fantastic for making small designs, logos, and texts, as it’s hard to stitch larger designs manually. Several manufacturers, however, use machines to embroider logos and styles for mass production. Some people likewise use beads, sequins, and pearls to generate the designs more pleasing.

Hand painting

This is additionally among the oldest ways of shirt printing. Manufacturers should also have artistic abilities to produce authentic designs. Despite the level of labour and time, hand painting is popular among many individuals. This is because hand painting only needs brushes or air sprays and fabric dye to create the designs. People are able to use different techniques to apply the paint including brushing, rolling, sponging, or stencilling.

Heat transfer

This method involves heat and pressure to transfer designs onto custom t shirt. Manufacturers make use of a cloth iron and carrier paper to create the designs. The heat through the iron allows the ink to stick around the shirt permanently. The process also does not require hand colouring or painting. Nevertheless, the carrier paper is just best for one application. Use white shirts so intricate patterns and messages are more noticeable.


This method, often known as silk screening, produces better designs in comparison to other processes. Screen-printing, however, needs a wooden or aluminium stencil, woven mesh, and fill blade to transfer the design. The mesh props up stencil securely, while the designer moves the fill blade to pump ink over the mesh. Screen-printing is great for making large quantities of shirts more than a short while. This is also more versatile in comparison to other printing techniques, as different inks are applicable to materials including textiles, ceramics, wood, paper, and glass. Shirt manufacturing companies also use printing presses to stamp designs more efficiently and reduce some time and manual labour.

Digital printing

Some companies use digital printing for mass production. Unlike screen-printing though, this technique only needs inkjet printers to transfer designs right to the information. People also can create and get a new design on the computer. Digital printing, however, is more costly than other techniques, so that it is unsuitable for start-up companies.

Vinyl printing

A replacement for silk screening is vinyl printing. This method utilizes a computer to generate and send the structure to your vinyl plotter, which prints the image on the plastic backing. Once the style is ready, the manufacturer uses heat and pressure to transfer the picture about the fabric. Learn more about fashion vinyl t-shirt printing in order to use this process.